The Owen Cattle Company is a UK agricultural based business that specialises in optimising cattle performance through TMR nutrition a homogenous diet for cattle mixed using a diet feeders, also known as mixer wagon.

As a company dedicated to the cattle industry the advice we offer is about increasing long-term profitability for our farming clientele. This advice is based upon on-farm results, experience and sound evidence based research. Our pragmatic approach develops varying levels of support for each cattle enterprise.

We hope you enjoy having a read over our website and we look forward to the potential of doing business with you in the future.

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    Cattle Nutrition

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    Nutrition—taking a balanced approach to meet metabolic (intake) requirements of each class of stock ensures we are getting the most out of your set up. Whilst goals may vary profitability of ruminant nutrition remains constant.

    Dairy—our methodology on maximising long term profitability comes down to being unconditional on fertility and herd health. From here milk production can be pushed to the limit of the herd dynamic and the managerial skill set of the dairy unit.
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    Beef—whether you have a short fall in your home grown feed or you are looking at ways to improve your current system. The Owen Cattle Company specializes in getting the most out of your beef enterprize. We offer a range of Beef Cattle Packages that can be tailored to your needs.
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    Sheep—ever considered finishing those lambs on TMR? How about lambing those ewes?
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    The Wills Brothers, Willsbro Holsteins, in Cornwall UK, have been using their Supreme-International since 2002. It has mixed and fed 1000 milking cows every day plus blends during this time, equating to 4-7 loads per day. Take a look at this clip to find out more.

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    Supreme International
    Vertical Tub Mixers


    Supreme International Diet Feeders— if you are in the market for a top end heavy duty diet feeder then Supreme are at the top of their game for ration presentation, speed and build quality.

    With a capacity range of 6-53m3 there is a wagon suitable most farms.

    Low Buildings: The Supreme 800T will feed 8-10T with a clearance of 111 inches (282cm) and the twin auger Supreme 1400T will feed 14-18T with a clearance of 130 inches (330cm).
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    Segue Mixer Wagons—are exactly the same design as the Supreme range but have been built for the small to medium sized set up. The Segue (seg-way) range will feed approximately 45-150 dairy cows or 90-300 500kg steers in a single load (6.7-18.4m3
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    Cattle Diet Feeders For Sale

    Cattle diet feeder for sale

    Diet Feeders—feeding a total mixed ration (TMR) has added benefits for many cattle businesses. However, just because you have a feeder wagon (diet feeder) does not mean your business will be more profitable. If you are considering buying a feeder wagon then taking the time first to make an informed decision is time well spent. This will generally take 1-2 hours and a cup of coffee.
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    Second-Hand Feeder Wagons For Sale— from the cheap-and-cheerful to ex-show machines. We taylor the level of finish to your requirements and budget. We refurbish mostly Keenan and vertical auger feeders and most wagons are sold with a warranty, nutrition and we are happy to quote on finance as well.
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    Feeder Wagons Wanted—looking for a specific diet feeder with a budget in mind? Getting out of farming, need to trade-out of your old cattle feeder wagon or just need to sell your mixer wagon? Why not fill in our request form with a brief description of your requirments.

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Critical Review

Opportunity exists in every cattle enterprise to improve the bottom line. Prioritising expenditure can be difficult and in many cases purchases (equipment, feed and genetics) are not balanced to the farm profile consequently over-and-under spending occurs making poor utilisation of farm resources.

The Owen Cattle Company is about getting this balance right by developing your cattle enterprise to its potential through a systematic process. At its simplest the process measures, monitors and adjusts to optimise the profitability of the cattle enterprise.

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Auger Flighting Repairs and Rebuilds


Auger Flighting Repairs — We offer several options when if comes to auger flighting repairs. From door-to-door to selling just the auger flight sections that can be welded in. Our 200 ton auger press designed specifically for pressing tub feeder auger flighting has a 20mm plate capacity. With new auger flighting, this will add years of life to your existing feeder without the need to replace another piece of farm equipment. The easiest option is to call Sam on (07528 436 163) to discuss your requirements. Otherwise, if your enquiry is out of hours then please fill out our Request Page by clicking on the link.

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