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Supreme International Recutter

An alternative to a Straw / Hay Grinder and Corn Hammermill

The Supreme International Recutter is designed to rapidly reduce particle size of straw, hay and corn (grains) for beef, dairy and sheep farmers. As an optional extra (OE) for Supreme mixers the Recutter offers farmers greater processing versatility.

With 44 blades spinning at 2000 RPM big squares, hestons or round bales are quickly reduced by the auger blades and the Recutter. Supreme's standard mixers are already 50% quicker than most other diet feeders on the market. The Recutter gives Supreme's clients a cost effective means of getting eNDF into their stock without it comprimising on ration presentation, time or longevity of equipment.

With the addition of a second door cut-roughage that is not required in the ration can be stockpiled for later use. This is convenient when only part of a bale is required in a ration. The exact amount of roughage required can be kept in the mixing tub and the surplus discharged. Partially discharging a bale/s means less double handling.


  • Whilst not quite as quick as a dedicated grinder a Supreme Recutter can still get through a large square bale in 3-5 minutes.

  • There is no need to unhitch equipment.

  • A herd feeding 200-300 cows on average feeding 1-3kg of dry roughage (straw, WSC oaten hay, high quality meadow hay etc) should be able to process all their roughage in under an hour each week.

    If feeding over 5kg per head per day work on approximately 10t/hour.

Particle Size
  • Roughage length can be controlled by adding or removing blades

  • Controlling the rate of discharge via the hydraulic door

  • Where hay and waxy straw is used keeping the external door closed and having the cycle complete within the mixer reduces particle size to the desired requirement.
“We like the uniform mixing, quality of feedout, longevity of the Supreme.”
Dean Swager, Swager Farms

Corn / Grain
Used in conjunction with TMR cracking grain improves digestibility of the grain. The Recutter will crack maize grain, wheat, barley, peas etc and extended processing will result in a consistency that is between cracked grain and flour.

Along the coastal areas of Wales, England, Scotland, Ireland where starlings are an issue, due to feed loss feed, overprocessing grains, cake / pelletized feed in a Supreme fitted with a recutter will reduce the amount of feed loss due to starlings.

Alternative Uses
  • Straw bedding
  • Sewage ponds
  • Miscanthus for biomass

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