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At the Owen Cattle Company we strive to identify elite AI sires in territories that have the potential to provide other markets new opportunity. Primarily this is between the UK and Australia where the Owen Cattle Company has a commercial involvement in the cattle industry.

Whilst we continue to 'cut our teeth' in the international arena we are confident that the sires we select fulfill breeding and carcase requirements in the territories where we market these bulls.

The emphasis, and order, we place on various characteristics across the board on the sires we represent sets us apart. They are:

  • Fertility
  • Structure
  • Calving & Growth
  • Combination of Muscling & Fat
  • Combination of EBVs that supports the above
  • High count on tenderness alleles
Two sires have been selected to market in Australia-and-New Zealand (Blelack Digger) and UK-and-Ireland (Te Mania Berkley B1), both bulls are structurally very sound, very fertile (large scrotal circumference) and have a highly accurate and desirable combination of performance data that sets them apart from other bulls within their breed.

The demand for both of these bulls in their home market is second to none, huge numbers of progeny have been recorded that make their breedplan figures (EBVs) extremely reliable and at some point in YOUR breeding program these bulls have the potential to have a positive impact on your herd.

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Te Mania Berkley B1 (VTM B1)
Australian Angus for
UK & Ireland

Te Mania Berkley is a very exciting sire to be associated in the UK, Ireland and EU. His combination of phenotype and figures offer British, Irish and European pedigree Angus breeders the chance to supply bulls to their commercial clients that fufill their carcase specifications.

The Te Mania Angus breeding program is a global leader in the Angus breed and according to them Berkley is at the pinnacle of there 60+ years of breeding Angus cattle for their commercial clients.

If your commercial clients are breeding towards a grass finished carcase specification or short grain-fed spec (eg Waitrose) and they buy Angus for easy calving and management but get paid on kilograms of beef they produce. Then, Te Mania Berkley sons will provide this for your commercial clients.

For large framed cows that need their phenotype tidied up, have a high Birth Weight EBV and need an injection of EBVs, Berkley works.

He is THE high performance heifer bull, very reliable short gestation, small calves that are quick to get up and suckle. Very suitable for two year old heifers.

Tibooburra Angus commenting on their Te Mania Berkley bulls. "They standout for muscle pattern and capacity, blending calving ease with high growth and carcase weight...These young bulls are real stand outs and will be offered at a premium." Tibooburra Angus Stud run 400 straight Angus females.

Youtube footage: Te Mania Berkley

Te Mania Berkley

  • Reliable short gestation
  • Reliable small calves
  • Reliably finish off grass before second winter
  • Less days on feed for Autumn born calves
  • More marbling for premium market specifications
  • Superb Structure
  • Plenty of Muscle
  • Thick Backs & Butts
  • Big Nuts
  • >3400 calves in Australia
  • 41 sons average $13,000AUD

Te Mania Berkley Semen Pricing
  • Straws:100/straw
  • Price ex-VAT
Comments by Hamish McFarlene—Te Mania Angus (Oct 2011)

Te Mania Berkley B1—his performance data can only be described as exceptional. From a moderate birth weight EBV of +4.0 through to explosive growth EBV’s that reach +123 at 600 days and carcase data that puts his Long Fed CAAB index at +$142.

His Fertility and Direct Calving Ease EBV’s are equally outstanding. He also has a very quiet temperament and super sound structure.

Berkley is arguably the premier Australian bred sire in the country at present and as a mark of his standing and reputation, in November 2010 the physical possession and 50% of the semen marketing rights were sold to Hazeldean Angus, Cooma, NSW for $65,000.

Phenotypically he is a stylish well balanced bull that expresses lots of natural thickness and body length. His progeny are standouts for muscle pattern, capacity and butt shape. As a tribute to his standing in our March 2011 auction bull sale we sold a son of his for $91,000 to a syndicate comprising, both Australian and New Zealand stud breeders and ABS Global, the global semen retailer

Berkley comes from a highly proven pedigree, with both sides of her pedigree showing strong performance and phenotype. Starting with her grand dam Te Mania Lowan VTMM118 being sold in December 1997 to Phelps Angus Ranch, Missouri, USA, for $19,000. She was the dam to 50 calves within the Te Mania Angus herd, with the highlight being the sale of a daughter for $40,000.

Te Mania Lowan VTMU275 was a stylish, larger framed cow, being the dam of the sire of Berkley and had some 38 progeny within the Te Mania Angus herd, with the highlights from her being the sale of a daughter for $40,000 and sons to a top of $18,000. A son of hers being Te Mania Yorkshire VTMY437 in recent times has been one of the more prominent sires within the Te Mania Angus herd and of course is the sire of Berkley. Te Mania Yorkshire has had some 388 progeny within the Te Mania Angus herd been and used widely within the industry having sold progeny to in excess of $659,000. He has been standout bull for calving ease, growth and marbling.

Commercial Feedback
The Stock & Land—Mr. Baade said he liked everything about the August 2010-drop bull, particularly his growth rates. "I really wanted a Berkley son because I know he breeds well"
Bill and Neroli Baade, Glenstrae Pastoral, Willalooka, Australia.
Top Price Bull ($10,500)
at Hazeldean Angus, South Australia Bull Sale, 2012. Hazeldean Cattle AI Companies
Genus UK the beef cattle breeding giant take on their 3RDTe Mania Berkley son— “We are excited by the purchase of these two bulls at Genus ABS. Their dams come from strong female lines, and their sire is a trait leader for gestation length and growth rates – we are already using a son of his, Te Mania Emperor, and have been really impressed with his calves on the ground.” Arwel Owen, Beef Sales Manager at Genus ABS UK.

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Blelack Digger
British Charolais Sire for
Australia, New Zealand and Territories outside the UK.

A bull with huge commercial relevance for the breed in Australia and New Zealand. Why? Because the gap is narrowing between these countries and the parameters that define profitable beef production. In the UK the larger scale commercial beef producer is driving much of this demand. They need a unassisted birth, a live calf, that can rapidly gain weight and finish over a shorter time frame. Steers and terminal heifers will need to have a carcase weight around 300-450kg, ideally with at least a 'B-' muscle score and condition score 3.5 to 4.5, that is 10-20mm of back fat.

With this in mind there is a surge of very good British bulls that have scope to fufill Australian and New Zealand carcase specifications. Digger leads this surge of bulls combining phenotype and EBVs, he has commercial revelance for the Australia and New Zealand beef industry.

Youtube footage: Blelack Digger

Terrific structure on this bull. He is very smooth in his movement—striding-out and tracks well. As he pulls up he stands square with good moderate bone and fantastic feet. His hooves are compact with good heal and no curl in the claw. From the side, he has tremendous length, musculature development— especially over the chine and through to his jump muscles. His shoulders are well laid in with an untypical amount of extension through his neck for a British bull. From the rear he is thick and square through the hips and pins with good expression of muscle striation down his butt. His testies are large with good shape.

Being critical, he may be a little low in his pin set and carries a bit of pizzle. I would like to see an inch or two more in thickness but his calves are not lacking in this area. His flaws are areas that can easily be carried by the females he is joined to.

EBVs and percentile bands are unique
  • Top 5% for
  • Gestation Length
  • Birth Weight
  • Scrotal Circumference

  • Top 1% for
  • Direct Calving Ease
  • 400 Day Growth
  • 600 Day Growth
  • Milk
  • Carcase Weight

  • TOP VALUE for
  • EMA (Eye Muscle Area)
  • Retail Beef Yield
  • BCCS Terminal Index
  • BCCS Self Replacing Index

  • Raw Data
  • 153cm Hip Height
  • 44cm Scrotal
Blelack Digger Semen Pricing
  • 1-50 Straws: $80/straw
  • 51-100 Straws: $65/straw
  • >100 Straws: $55/straw
  • Price ex-GST

“This bull has the ultimate combination: great length, scale and a good hind quarter, plus the accompanying good data.”
Jeremy Price, Oakchurch Charolais Stud, UK.
Owner Blelack Digger.

Commerical Feedback
BCCS—“We selected Montgomery Gwylfa, a son of Blelack Digger, for his figures, in particular eye muscle, growth and most importantly calving ease, ideal for leaving calves to go on to our bull finishing system which is focused on maximising growth efficiently in the shortest possible time.” Alec Cowan, UK.
Top price bull £7500, Welshpool, UK.BCCS March 2013

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