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Auger Flighting Vert Tub Feeders £POA plus VAT

Vertical Tub Feeder, Auger Flighting

Auger Flighting Repairs — We offer several options when if comes to auger flighting repairs. From door-to-door to selling just the auger flight sections that can be welded in. Our 200 ton auger press designed specifically for pressing tub feeder auger flighting has a 20mm plate capacity. With new auger flighting, this will add years of life to your existing feeder without the need to replace another piece of farm equipment. The easiest option is to call Sam on (07528 436 163) to discuss your requirements. Otherwise, if your enquiry is out of hours then please fill out our Request Page by clicking on the link.

Contact: Sam Owen +44 (0) 7528 436 163

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Borderway (Carlisle) Dairy Expo

Held at the NEC, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK (postcode: B40 1NT) during early July each year. Our busiest show to date with solid enquiry from mostly dairy farmers this year. Enquiry was balanced between our Supreme-International wagons and regular second-hand and refurbished mixers.

If you are in the market for a heavy duty mixer wagon built to last then a
needs to be considered. In brief; Supreme only build mixer wagons and have been doing this for the past 60 years. We offer a 12 month money back guarantee and have a capacity range from 6-53m3. Supreme also offer an enconomy line, the Segue.

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Borderway (Carlisle) Dairy Expo

The 2014 UK Dairy Expo—was our first outing in Cumbria. As a dedicated pedigree show there was good local support from dairy farmers and the trade. The top end of the females were excellent with Mark Rueth, Rosedale Genetics, Wisconsin, USA giving the top honours to Sterndale Holsteins.

Strolling through the lanes it was interesting to note the number of top exhibitors were utilising TMR (total mixed ration) as part of their dairy nutrition. We had enough enquiry for our new Supreme's, refurbished tub and paddle mixer wagons plus a couple of cheap-and-cheerfuls to get farmers off the mark with TMR.

Tip: If you don't have a mixer try mixing it at home on the ground with a bucket. Use your straw chopper to process some straw down, you may have to pass it through a couple of times to get it down, aim for 1-3 inches with about 0.5-1.0kg per head. Throw your corn and blend in as well. Once you get bored of mixing in a week or so give us a shout, we have the tool for the job! From 10-10,000 head, new or second hand.

LAMMA 2014

Mixer wagons for sale at Lamma 2013

LAMMA—2014 got our show season underway in a very wild and wet way! A little challenging for both exhibitors and visitors alike. A least there was no concerns about getting away for the day and missing out on any outdoor jobs that could have been completed back at home.

Lamma was our first trade show as Supreme International's appointed distributor for the UK and Ireland. The triple auger diet feeder on tracks (2000HDT) literally stopped people in their tracks as they watched the 53m3 running through its capabilities on the 42" TV. See below.

There was some good enquiry regarding our beef nutrition and with beef prices relaxing a little at the start of 2014 taking steps to improve the system has been time well spent for some enterprises.

The new Peterborough venue appeared to work well and was well managed under pretty trying conditions.
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Beef Expo UK 2013

Beef Expo UK 2013

Three bus loads attended the various farm walks put on as part of the prelude to the 2013 Beef Expo (UK). The Oakchurch Angus and Charolais Stud put on a excellent display of cattle with guests including ABS Genus, Breedplan (EBVs) Barbara Webster, James Barber (cattle scanning) and the Owen Cattle Co Ltd.

The Price family had recently been awarded the 2013 Harman Charolais Genetic Improvement Award. This was based upon the genetic contribution to the breed and industry over the past twelve months. This was mostly down to the herds rapid improvement in breeding values (EBVs) and a clear move toward easy calving genetics with carcase attributes that optimise beef production. Blelack Digger has been responsible for the much of this shift in EBVs over the past three years.

Like the Charolais herd the Oakchurch Angus breeding program is producing bulls for the commercial breeder that are focussed on easy calving, rapid growth with extra shape. This was evident in the line of progeny by an Oakchurch Angus bull at the Upper Court Farm—one of the other farms visited. Ardossan Admiral sons at Oakchurch Angus, Hereford, Beef Expo (UK) The 2013 line-up of yearling Aberdeen-Angus bulls they had for sale by Ardossan Admiral were very uniform. They had excellent weight-for-age, shape and combined muscle and fat in the right maturity package for UK carcase specifications. Progeny from these bulls would comfortably finish off grass or off a high forage ration, meaning better feed conversion from a lower energy ration (ME), at a younger age.

Whilst beef prices are very good in the UK (Spring 2013) cereal/corn prices are absorbing much of this premium where high concentrate rations need to be used on lean heavy muscled, slow maturing cattle requiring very high (expensive) ME diets to finish. Along with the above factors the right balance of fat and muscle not only improves profitability but improves eating quality.

The rations at Oakchurch have been formulated by the Owen Cattle Co. Whilst birth weight EBVs have played a major role in reduced calving dystocia the rations formulated by the Owen Cattle Company take greater control over condition score of the breeding herd, thus reducing calf weight and increasing survival rate and conception rate at first cycle.

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