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Supreme diet feeders are renowned globally for building a heavy duty mixer built for the larger cattle operation. However, in recent years there has been several developments that make the Supreme range more apt for the British and Irish market and well worth consideration.

Large herd demands are moving towards greater durability, faster processing with better ration presentation and less down time.

The range in capacity has widened from 7m3 to 53m3

Introduction of the Segue (pronounced seg way) and Enviro range

Supreme, Segue and Enviro make up the range of mixers that are manufactured by Supreme International. They are manufactured in Canada and exported to over 40 countries. We are delighted to be appointed by Supreme as the exclusive distributor for the UK and all of Ireland.

If you would like to find out more about mixers manufactured by Supreme International please contact us or visit

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UK Landline: +44 (0) 2921 256 936

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    Segue cattle feeder wagons

    Segue—diet feeders (mixers) have exactly the same tub and auger design as Supreme mixers. Segue mixers offer a lower entry point into TMR (total mixed ration) feeding without having to sacrifice the quality of your TMR for price.

    Segue Diet Feeder Range

    Single Auger
    Segue 790 » (6.7-7.9m3)
    Segue 1070 » (9.1-10.7m3)
    Segue 2310 » (11.3-13.1m3)
    Segue 2520 » (13.3-15.2m3)

    Twin Auger
    Segue 3570 » (13.6-15.7m3)
    Segue 3820 » (15.6-18.2m3)
    Segue 3840 » (16.1-18.4m3)

    Segue Diet Feeders »

    Finance—is available across our entire range depending upon approval.
    Finance Enquiry »

    Demonstrator—if you are genuinely in the market over the next 12 months for a new diet feeder and would like to be placed on our list for a demonstration please fill out our request page.
    Demonstration Request »

    Digistar TMR Tracker—for complete control over your TMR management TMR tracker offers a commercial advantage and we suggest visiting a farm where it is being used so you can make an informed decision. To set up a farm visit please fill in our request page.
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    Supreme vertical mixer wagons for sale in the UK and Ireland

    Supreme—the cylindrical auger along with four other design patents makes Supreme one of the most accurate and thoroughly mixed rations in the industry. Processing time is reduced by as much as 50% over most other vertical mixers.

    Most of the better diet feeders mix well; however, the true test is in the build of the mixer to perform year after year. This is where the hardened AR200 steel, the largest drive train components in the industry and the level of engineering set Supreme diet feeders apart.

    Supreme Diet Feeder Range

    Single Auger
    Supreme 300 » (6.7-7.9m3)
    Supreme 400 » (9.1-10.7m3)
    Supreme 500 » (11.3-13.1m3)
    Supreme 600 » (13.3-15.2m3)

    Twin Auger
    Supreme 500T » (13.6-15.7m3)
    Supreme 600T » (15.6-18.2m3)
    Supreme 700T » (16.1-18.4m3)
    Supreme 800T » (18.4-21.3m3)
    Supreme 900T » (20.9-24.1m3)
    Supreme 1000T » (22.4-25.7m3)
    Supreme 1200T » (26.4-30.4m3)
    Supreme 1400T » (32.8-37.2m3)
    Supreme 1600T » (37.5-41.9m3)

    Triple Auger
    Supreme 2000HDT » (47.2-53.1m3)

    PTO or 3 Phase Static » (13.6-53.1m3)

    Lorry/Truck Mounted
    Truck Mounted Mixers » (13.6-53.1m3)

    Supreme Diet Feeders »

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    Supreme Enviro enviromental waste processor

    Supreme Enviro Processors—managing and potentially value adding the waste stream from agricultural production and other biology waste can be difficult. The Enviro line of waste management processors eases this by homogenising waste into feedstock for a range of value added applications.
    Supreme Enviro Mixer Enquiry »

    Anaerobic Digestion— turn-key AD opportuinity for farmers considering AD. We work with a turn-key AD provider that requires minimal just need to fill the Supreme Enviro!
    Read More Anaerobic Digestion Enquiry»

    Other Applications— composting, food waste, green waste, wood chips. This results in a consistent blend of material throughout the entire mix. As a result the composting process is shortened or the feed stock can be accurately blended to ensure a more consistant product.

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    Service Contract
    Recommended and worth discussing around the time of purchase. Our service contracts are available across the Segue, Supreme and Enviro range. Service contracts are based on a per head or throughput basis.
    Enquiry About Service Contracts»

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Please visit the Supreme website if you would like to read up on why Supreme mixers are worth considering for your business.

Supreme Website »

Supreme Recutter

The Recutter—was introduced to process poor quality meadow hay rapidly where it could then be blended with better quality bought-in-forage. For larger British and Irish dairy herds it does offer an alternative to using a dedicated grinder to process straw. And, for the beef unit it can be used to process, hay, straw and grain.

Supreme Recutter Enquiry »