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Supreme International has been building mixers for over 50 years and their name is synomous with durability and mixing efficiency. The Enviro range of static, lorry mounted and PTO driven bio-waste mixers and processors have been engineered for bio-waste, AD plants, composting and green waste whereby mixing, blending or reducing of a very wide range of feedstock can be used to value add to a business.

The Enviro processors range in capacity from 6.7m3 to 53m3. Supreme manufactures a model for every size and type of operation with each processors utilizing Supreme’s patented auger design and only the highest quality components in the industry.

If you are in the UK or Ireland and would be interested in discussing your processing requirements we would be happy to visit on-site to ascertain if an Enviro Processor would work at your facility.

More information on Supreme International can be found at: www.supremeinternational.com

Please email or conact us if you require more information.
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    Supreme Envire bio waste processing equipment

    Bio-Waste—cut and process your most difficult materials all in one machine. Other composting methods use a seperate grinder, blender, and debagger. This process is costly and inefficient. Supreme’s patented vertical auger design provides unbelievable performance by allowing all three operations to be done simultaneously, saving time and money for the facility.

    Service Contract
    Recommended and worth discussing around the time of purchase. Our service contracts are available across the Segue, Supreme and Enviro range. Service contracts are based on an hour or throughput basis.
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    Finance—is available across our entire range.
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    Composting & Biomass

    Supreme vertical mixer wagons for sale in the UK and Ireland

    Composting—The cylindrical auger along with four other design patents makes Supreme Enviro mixers one of the most accurate and thorough compost mixers in the industry.

    The Supreme Enviro Processor cuts and blends various organic waste materials such as green waste, vegetable waste, food waste, biosolids, mortalities and wood waste in any combination. The result will be a consistent blend with an even distribution of moisture and porous materials.

    This results in a faster composting process with reduced odor emission. Compost Blending Enquiry »

    Biomass Boilers—Blending straw, woodchips (wet and dry), cardboard, pallets, pellets, miscanthus, brash (branches and leaves) etc can all be loaded into a Enviro processor (at once) to be made into a homgenous feedstock of suitable moisture and bulk density. This results in more efficent use of dry material and enables a wider range of biomass feedstock to be used.

    We will happily meet up on-site to discuss requirements and if not entirely satisfied we offer a 12 month money back guarantee on the equipment purchase price.

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    Anaerobic Digestion (AD Plants)

    Supreme Enviro enviromental waste processor

    Farmers—we work with a turn-key AD provider that requires minimal investment...you just need to fill the Supreme Enviro! Payment is made at regular intervals and is based upon how much you feed the AD plant.

    The Supreme Enviro processor is used to blend and deliver a combination of slurry, manure, waste feed, bedding waste from cattle, poultry and pork farms combined with forages, cereals and other food residues whereby it can be mixed into a homgenous feedstock and delivered into the digestor over a 24 hour period.
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    Municiple & Industrial AD—almost all degradable organic material can be considered a feedstock for AD. Blending various ingredients into a formulated ration is similar to formulating a ration for livestock and it is the mixing and delivery of these ingredients where Supreme International Enviro range comes into its own.

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Please visit the Supreme website if you would like to read up on why Supreme mixers are worth considering for your business.

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Enviro Client Composting & AD

Richgro—are using a Supreme Enviro processor to blend a range of bio-waste for their composting and AD facilities. Take a look at the footage to find out how they are value adding their business.

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